Sunday, June 30, 2013

Senta Boyer - just one victim saved

Senta Boyer (below) was one of the few LAG victims to be made “whole” through the help of a private citizen who purchased her a “new” used car. Money for tags, registration, and a few months insurance were thrown in so Senta Boyer could (financially) get her head above water. She had been walking from the Heights to the Mall in January to get to work (since LAG held her car).

Attempts were made to pay off the insane and unfair fees at LAG Towing. I believe it was around $3,200.

But Glodzik would not show the car. Only a fool would offer cash for something that couldn’t be seen. Glodzik refused a credit card (by law he must accept). He refused a check.

It was surmised that the car was off the lot somewhere. Perhaps being sold. One thing we know for sure. Glodzik likes money. He would have taken $3,200 in a nanosecond if the car was physically there.

Senta Boyer and I called the police. Recall… Glodzik intercepts these calls so he speaks to the police before the “victim” ever does. WB police Officer Olshefski answered. He had the audacity to say: “It is no illegal to not show a car.”

Gee… do you think such an asinine response indicates complicity between the police and LAG? Do you sense that LAG was a tiny bit protected (sarcasm)?

What happened next was a “new” used car was purchased for Senta Boyer (in Hazleton). A week later, as if to goad Senta Boyer, Leo Glodzik retrieved her car and showed it to the press like nothing ever happened.

Seen clearly, what Glodzik was doing was he was showing off was the car he stole from Senta Boyer. Remember - he was offered full value for it (to include his insane fees) and he refused payment for it.
Below: Car that rightfully belongs to Senta Boyer since she was never given proper notice from WBPD in addition to being illegally price gouged by LAG. Picture courtesy of Citizen's Voice.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kane (Marty) is not able

A cry for help?

A “You can’t touch me” thumb of the nose?

A symptom of alcoholism… “It seemed like a good idea at the time!”

I waffled on whether to make this post.

But it occurred to me that the character of a public official does not have an “on again/off again” switch like a light. Elected officials should not act in such an embarrassing way that it reflects negatively on all of their peers. The judgments a Magistrate makes outside of work influence their judgments made while court is in session. This is clearly a public issue.

Marty Kane made this a public issue. Not me. He chose to act the way he did. Nobody has looked into his home or office. Privacy rights include privacy in one’s home and should extend to all family members.

Three sources confirm that Marty Kane was at a restaurant/bar in Luzerne County this weekend. Marty Kane was sitting at a bar in full open view. A man witnessed Marty Kane “making out” (considerably) with someone in very “short shorts.” It was not apparent to onlookers whether this was a very large woman or perhaps a transvestite. But this is not the real issue anyway. His behavior had one onlooker say “this is disgusting.”  His behavior is reckless.

Marty Kane needs help. Others know he needs help. I truly hope he gets it. If so, he won’t have to read about his public exploits any more. It’s up to him. He needs to listen to people who truly care about him and aren’t afraid to tell him the truth.

I know he despises me. Perhaps if he thinks of me while drinking that this alone will “ruin his drinking.”  There is a saying in AA: “There’s nothing worse than a belly full of beer and a head full of AA.”

Friday, June 28, 2013

Car theft charges filed

Car thieves… Welcome to Wilkes-Barre.
“I believe”… you won’t get caught

Does anybody remotely care anymore?

Remember 82 year old Natlie Aleo?
The WB police and LAG never told her that her stolen car was recovered.
Then LAG tried to bilk her out of $2,000.
Then her car was left at her home like a crinkled soda can. See below (courtesy Times Leader)

Apparently in Wilkes-Barre there are no laws against destroying property.
I wonder if Dessoye and Leighton would respond the same way if hooligans threw bricks through their windows.
What follows is yet another horror story in the making.

City Council President William Barrett: Refuses to answer any of my E mails
City Councilman Mike Merritt: This woman lives in his district. He too refuses to answer any of my E mails.


To the attn.:                                    
Scranton FBI                                                            
Pa State Police Troop P                                                      
Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office
Peter J Smith of the US Dept of Justice                           
Governor Corbett                                                    
Attorney General Kathleen Kane
State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan                       
Other representatives/officials who have an interest in the welfare of Luzerne County residents

Plaintiff: (Name withheld here; 35-ish African American working mom)
Defendants: LAG Towing, WB officer Tino Ninotti; WBPD

Charges: Theft and Conspiracy
§ 3921, § 3922, § 3934, § 901, § 902, § 903, § 911

Re: Stolen car from city resident by LAG/ police

To whom it may concern:

I am sending this complaint broadly as it serves as a “living and breathing” example of how so many citizens have lost their vehicles to LAG Towing.  We need “eyeballs” on these concerns. Lots of them.

Common elements with this complaint and others:
-         Conspiracy between WB police (Tino Ninotti) working conspiratorially with LAG to steal a vehicle.
-         Failure of the WB police to send the required notification thus making the car “unlawfully taken.”
-         The predictable dance – the duet - between LAG and the police. Runarounds. “Call the other guy.”
-         The thunderous silence from people paid to protect citizens. Leighton. G Dessoye. Council. Dirty cop(s).

Typically this complaint would be sent to the Magistrate (Marty Kane) who would forward to the DA. However, I cannot afford this route as I know Marty Kane to be imbalanced and ethically bereft. I currently have a complaint filed with the Judicial Review board where I have given them a written transcript and tape of my hearing with Kane in April. He in effect  told me that I would have to pay (pay an attorney) if I wished to have my constitutional rights honored. I unabashedly make the following accusations (from personal experience and highly reliable sources) against Marty Kane:
-         Chemical abuse (alcohol and cocaine; widely known alcoholic)
-         Chronic philandering
-         Case fixing (to include partnering with former police chief / current Council president William Barrett)
-         Lawyers and “elder statesmen” of Wilkes-Barre have told me “hands down” that he is the most corrupt Magistrate

Citizens should not have to put up with Mayors, police chiefs, and Magistrates who couldn’t pass a urine screen/ hair sample test. These people couldn’t get a job at a “Best Buy” or a “Turkey Hill” Minute Mart. We deserve better than degenerates!

The plaintiff, a fully employed African American woman, notified me (Mark Robbins) in early June about her car being stolen in December. She also lost her personal belongings in the car. She agreed to let me use the information she gave me to write a criminal complaint on her behalf. She had no idea where to turn or to whom. This woman received a ticket in December for a lapsed registration. She was cited by Tino Ninotti. The ticket turned into a citation at which point it was paid ($107). The fact that she paid this ticket shows clear intent that she wanted her car back.

Many attempts were made to contact Mike Merritt, her city Councilman, and William Barrett, the WB Council President. They refused to respond. Their staunch opposition to helping this LAG victim clearly demarcates their position on LAG corruption and city corruption. They are clearly “team players” with Leighton, Dessoye, and even LAG.

§ 3921.  Theft by unlawful taking or disposition.
§ 3934.  Theft from a motor vehicle.
§ 3922.  Theft by deception.

This woman was intentionally deceived by Tino Ninotti and Leo Glodzik and the WBPD  in at least the following ways:

Ninotti failed to send her a required WBPD tow report detailing information about her
Car. This alone made her vehicle “unlawfully taken.”

 The Wilkes-Barre Police dept failed to help her locate her car when she inquired.

Leo Glodzik refused to give her information which gave her the false impression that perhaps he did not have her car.

The WBPD told her to call LAG. LAG told her to call police. This is obvious deception.

 The statements above tie into the crimes below.
§ 901.  Criminal attempt.
§ 902.  Criminal solicitation.
§ 903.  Criminal conspiracy. 
§ 911.  Corrupt organization

Leo Glodzik has already admitted to an undercover agent that he shares money with cops. There is more than probable cause to bring charges against LAG, Tino Ninotti (cop), and the WBPD. He split money with an undercover agent using his now infamous line: “Do you know what time it is? It is 11 O’Clock.” He then forked over $1,100 dollars.

This case typifies how “CARS FOR CASH” was run. And we have only scratched the surface
on this (imo) "RICO ACT" scam.

The Towing was very aggressive. This victim could have had her registration completed on line within minutes.                    

Information is purposely withheld from victim. This is the area where NINOTTI could be working in concert with Glodzik.

Victim is typically poor, vulnerable, and/or a minority. The victim here is black.

The runarounds add money to LAG’s pockets at $ 50 per day. By time car is located… victim loses car from predatory pricing.

      As the undercover agent (a few weeks back) proved with the bait car – Glodzik has become comfortable doing business with cops. Ninotti’s reputation is far less than sterling. Ninotti aided and abetted.

   Mark M Robbins
               BA   Economics Wake Forest Univ
               MBA   Lehigh Univ (Valedictorian)
               CMA   Certified Management Accountant
               CFM    Certified Financial Manager

Thursday, June 27, 2013

City Attorneys - Lie-a-ton's Defense Team?


Does it make you feel uncomfortable to know that Leighton spends time with City Solicitor at the solicitor's NJ home? Did you know that Leighton is related to city solicitor Bill Vinsko (cousins)? Leighton is also cousins with Gerard Dessoye.

Glodzik: Private client of Mayor Tom Leighton’s real estate business
Glodzik: Private client of William Vinsko’s law firm

From the 06/27/13 Times Leader:   Among the complaints was a lawsuit filed by Tyler and Antonia Hammond whose property is next to the former bakery. The Hammonds claimed the city engaged in “what could be considered insider trading” by having the property pulled from Luzerne County’s tax sale list in September 2009 to make way for Glodzik who they say was a private client of Mayor Tom Leighton’s real estate business and assistant city attorney William Vinsko’s law firm.

Do you believe, like I do, that the solicitors effectively serve as Leighton’s legal defense team? Whose bidding should be done?  The city of Wilkes-Barre’s?  Or Mayor Thomas Leighton’s?

Does it make you upset that tax dollars pay for solicitors Tim Henry and Bill Vinsko? Do you believe that the city solicitors had a duty to call out or stop Leo Glodzik and the seven year “CARS FOR CASH” scam? Does anyone honestly believe they were ignorant this whole time? A private client of Vinsko's?

In May 2013 I asked Bill Vinsko (on facebook) “Please explain to the city (WB) why you were disbarred in NJ?”

Vinsko replied:  “Dear Mr. Robbins, I was not disbarred in NJ.  Get your facts straight before you get sued for defamation.  Take this as a warning.  I am not going to roll over like some people do with your ridiculous garbage. Bring it on.”

Had Attorney Vinsko simply explained to me that his license was revoked because he had failed to keep up with the required payments (7 years)… then this would have served as a satisfactory explanation. Instead Bill and Brian Vinsko went “nuclear.” They sent me an extremely threatening letter meant only to intimidate. See below.

They threatened a lawsuit over me asking a public official – City solicitor Bill Vinsko – ONE QUESTION!!!

The Times Leader article says: Attorney William Vinsko filed a Writ of Summons Friday (May 17) in County Court. The filing indicated legal action has begun but did not contain specifics. Robbins has been critical of Vinsko, attorney for the city of WB, and others in handling complaints against LAG Towing, the city contracted towing company. A message left with Vinsko was not returned, Robbins sent an e mail to Vinsko and others Friday asking him for an explanation on the status of his law license in NJ. His license was administratively revoked, making him ineligible to practice in the state. “I think it is a scare tactic,” Robbins said. “I am not worried about it.”

Found on line:
NJ Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection      Sep 28, 2009   
ID 030742001   William E Vinko Jr   253 S Franklin St   WB  Pa  18701
Year ADM = 2002


License Administratively Revoked-The attorney is not currently eligible to practice law in 
New Jersey for one or more reasons, including failure to pay the annual attorney 
assessment to the New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection, failure to register 
with IOLTA or maintain IOLTA accounts, or otherwise failing to meet the requirements 
of Rule 1:21-1(a).Administrative ineligibility is not the result of discipline, but attorneys 
who are administratively ineligible are not allowed to practice law in New Jersey. 

Administratively Ineligible – The attorney is not currently eligible to practice law in 
New Jersey for one or more reasons, including failure to pay the annual attorney 
assessment to the New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection, failure to register 
with IOLTA or maintain IOLTA accounts, or otherwise failing to meet the requirements 
of Rule 1:21-1(a).Administrative ineligibility is not the result of discipline, but attorneys 
who are administratively ineligible are not allowed to practice law in New Jersey. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dessoye and a mom's death

Here is the question: What was the role of

WB Police Chief Gerard Dessoye

in the death of 38 year old mom Jennifer Conniff?

I will splice in pictures related to Jennifer’s death

to include her daughter and grandkids she never met.

I want to put “faces” to this death.

Dessoye  not only failed to shut down a known drug house,

but was meeting clandestinely with the “house mother”.

The “lady of the house” was Catherine Meehan.

Besides being a heroin addict herself, she was selling heroin and narcotics.

Free will vs one’s environment

Jennifer Conniff is responsible for her choice to use heroin

Dessoye is responsible for the place of purchase – the environment…

the drug house itself.

Over one hundred 911 calls should have gotten his attention.
How was Dessoye being serviced by Catherine Meehan?

Drugs? Sex? Both? Neither?

The Chief’s impairments not only

compromise the people… but the police that

have to cover for his negligence.

The citizens of Wilkes-Barre deserve better.

The police need a chief they can trust.

Demand it!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dessoye's Heroin honey

First in a multi-part series


Questions for Chief Gerard Dessoye.


1)         Why was Dessoye, a married man, having private trysts with his old girlfriend (Catherine Meehan)? Is he still meeting with her as a source for drugs?

2)         Was he meeting with her for intimacy? For prescription narcotics? Both?

3)         Why were approximately one hundred 911 calls (regarding 522 McLean St) ignored?

4)         Why did Dessoye give cash to Catherine Meehan (source: Catherine Meehan herself)?



Catherine Meehan's "rap sheet"


Consider the protection offered to Catherine Meehan (1st three items researched by Andrew Staub (reporter for Citizens Voice Newspaper) and confirmed/expanded upon by Brenda Meehan)


- She has been convicted of Possession of firearm and attempted armed robbery (Restaurant at 5th Ave and 76th Street in Brooklyn)

- She has been convicted of anther felony for attempted murder in NYC. Brenda Meehan explained to me that Catherine stabbed a woman and killed the fetus. This happened before the time in which fetuses have the rights they do now).


- Catherine spent 2 years at Bedford Hills (a New York state Penitentiary)

- Catherine has had seven arrests in the last two years (from 2011; source: W-B City Hall spokesman Drew McLaughlin)


- Catherine was put on 6 months probation. She has violated this probation and was given 6 more months. No jail time. She was given this soft treatment despite being a two-time felon and having 7 arrests.

- In 2011, she falsely reported her car being stolen


- A woman died after buying heroin from Catherine’s house

- Police reports, 911 and phone records indicate over one hundred 911 calls were made concerning the house

- In 2011 alone there were 35 emergency calls

- Brenda Meehan saved her sister Catherines life by taking her to the hospital after an overdose on heroin on April 21. Catherine was unresponsive.


- Three of 12 police incident reports indicate drug activity

- One incident report specifically mentions Catherine selling prescription narcotics.


- The last contact Catherine had with her sister (Brenda) was in November/December 2011 at 5:30 AM when she woke up Brenda by shouting "I am going to burn your F'n house down."



CITIZEN’S  VOICE   Resident contends W-B police chief protected drug addict

By Andrew Staub (Staff Writer)  

Published: November 18, 2011


The Citizens' Voice Wilkes-Barre police Chief Gerard Dessoye called Brenda Meehan's allegations 'nonsense' and refused further comment.


WILKES-BARRE - Brenda Meehan and her daughter have lost the last three years of their lives - and city police Chief Gerard Dessoye should take the blame, the woman said during Thursday's city council meeting.


Meehan, who lives in a double-block home on McLean Street, accused Dessoye of providing a "halo of protection" for her sister Catherine Meehan, a drug addict who previously was involved in a romantic relationship with Dessoye, Brenda said.


That connection, Brenda said, led Dessoye to protect Catherine after she moved into 252 McLean St., in September 2008 following the death of their mother. Brenda Meehan contends her sister and her boyfriend, Gary Greiss, sold heroin and pills from the home and said her teenaged daughter often had to step over used syringes on shared front and back porches.


Police reports obtained under the state's open-records law indicated there were at least three instances of suspected drug activity at the home over a three-week period in April 2011. The Citizens' Voice is still waiting for the release of reports from prior years.


From the time Catherine moved into the home until Brenda had her evicted this summer, Brenda said she lived through encounters with gang members, endured multiple threats - including a drug dealer waving a gun at her and her daughter - and a burglary at the double-block home. Her daughter could no longer play outside and will not sleep at the home, Brenda said.


"My child should have never had to forgo so much because a police chief was merely concerned more about himself than he was about protecting and serving," Brenda said.


Dessoye was not at the meeting and could not be reached for comment Thursday. Dessoye did not return multiple phone calls after Brenda first raised the allegations during an October town hall meeting.


A few days later, when asked for comment about Brenda's claims while walking on the street outside the police station, Dessoye called the allegations "nonsense" and said he would not comment. Mayor Tom Leighton did not return a phone call seeking comment Thursday evening.


Brenda said she spent about $8,000 to finally have her sister evicted this past summer and said that she's not sure where her sister is living now. Catherine does not have a phone number, Brenda said, adding she has not been in contact with her recently.


Brenda, has, though, called city hall officials and police dozens on dozens of occasions over the past three years, she said.


From June 2008 to July 2011, police were called to Catherine's side of the home 56 times, according to Luzerne County 911 records. Police were called to Brenda's side, 254 McLean St., 18 times during the same stretch, the records show.


The incidents included reports of domestic abuse, threats and three instances of overdoses.

So far in 2011, county 911 reported 35 emergency calls connected to the Meehans' double-block home. Wilkes-Barre police filed 12 incident reports in regard to those calls, three of which specifically mention allegations of drug activity. (Over 100 in total).


> On April 8, police responded to an anonymous call that a man was selling drugs from Catherine's home. Later that day, Brenda played a voicemail "her sister Cathy" had left on her answering machine that indicated two men, one of them named Gary, had gone to New Jersey the day before and returned with heroin, according to police documents.


> On April 16, two people were arrested on summary warrants outside 252 McLean St. A man with the group told police that Catherine and Greiss were selling "prescription narcotics" from the home, according to a police incident report.


> On April 21, Catherine was taken to Wilkes-Barre General Hospital after Brenda found her unresponsive after a possible drug overdose, police said.


Catherine and Greiss have not been charged with any drug-related crimes over the three-year period she lived on McLean Street, according to court documents.


She has been charged at least twice by Wilkes-Barre police for violating a protection-from-abuse order Brenda had issued against her, according to court documents.


She also pleaded guilty to falsely filing a report her van was stolen in April 2009 and was sentenced to six months probation, court records show.


Catherine was charged with other, more minor offenses, such as scattering rubbish and disorderly conduct, according to court documents. But they aren't drug charges, and that's the problem, Brenda said Thursday.


Brenda asked the council members what they would do if they were in her position. Council Chairwoman Kathy Kane suggested contacting a lawyer and later said council would refer the matter to Dessoye.


"We will pass it on to the police chief," Kane said, prompting disbelief from Brenda.

"The police chief?" Brenda said. "It's about the police chief."


"He is in charge of our police department," Kane said.


The other two council members present, Mike Merritt and Rick Cronauer, offered no comment. Afterward, Brenda called the council's response a "farce."


Read more: